To all my friends

Dear Friends,

put in your that advance my retirement before it touches into the business world and I decided to spend my three passions, my family, bonsai and kitchen.

For these reasons I inform you that:

I intend to dedicate myself to the specimens especially those who have a special affection, so do not rule reduce my collection of trees.
Offer the possibility of organized visits of small groups (evenings Monday through Thursday from 16: 00h to 19: 00h) to publicize my private collection. If you are interested concertad the visit by calling 609,948,461 to 686,980,910.
For people interested in learning or improving their technique in the culture and design of bonsai, I will do workshops for small groups (maximum 6 people) on Saturdays from 9 am to 13 pm and from 15 to 19 hours and on Sundays from 9h to 13h. You can get more information by calling 609,942,461 to 686,980,910.
Regardless of the concerted workshops I will perform monographic workshops that I will make known in the Facebook of Kengai School.

I will soon invite to the opening of my new garden. I hope to count on your presence.

A hug,