The olive my passion

Mallorca’s olive trees are unmistakable worldwide, are ancient sculptures, dancing in our fields and mountains. We have also found symbols and representations that refer to the world of the olive tree not only in eating habits, but also in their artistic expressions of my Mallorca fortiori through movements and sharis made over the years, transmit1771ting infinity of images, you want to see in them. Even in Greek mythology they tell how Athens was founded from an olive tree that grew on a rock where his spear thrust the goddess of wisdom and guerra.1771
Olives, olive oil and have been a source of inspiration for many writers like Antonio Machado, Alberti, Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, Antonio Gala, etc …
And what about the flamenco, as Aceituneras and temporary, songs that are authentic Andalusian folklore tributes.
In the olive tree (ullastre), particularly in the acebuche, I was inspired to learn the art of bonsai, which gave me many satisfactions. One of the most important, the number of friends spread across many countries.
I also think that with this art we educate ourselves “some” who are the ones who truly love bonsai, relaxing hobby if you treat it as such.
When I go into my garden, or any partner or friend, just start talking about peace bonsái invades everything, eye, according to what is spoken. If I talk business, and I do not mean to businesses that are dedicated to it, I get irritated because they no longer talk about the art of bonsai but merciless destroyers of the mountains.
Surely I was one that at the time, 20 years ago, I did some bad things but right now this is my advice: you have to live bonsai without razing the mountains when enough is enough.
Greetings to all lovers of bonsai and invite you to visit Mallorca, to contemplate our ancient olive groves so special and our fields. I guarantee it is worth seeing.